Mounting a fender to a fork suited to larger diameter wheel?

Apr 30, 2018
Lake Macquarie, Australia
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the bike I had as a kid got a renew a little while ago. During the rebuild I replaced the bent forks, then when I popped the 20” wheel in it appears the forks were for either 24 or 26”.

How can I attach a fender to the fork, close to the wheel when the brake hole is too far away? Ideally I’d like to use the original fender and mounting points and keep the new forks.


Thanks in advance.
Feb 20, 2018
Germany, Leverkusen
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You need this type of fender struts/stays:

They attach directly to the axle and not to the fork. Not a good pic, but these are 20". They cost 4 Euro a piece over here in Europe, should be 5$ ot less.
They should be available in different width too, from other sellers.
I only have a link from the CC website I could offer to you:
Aug 14, 2019
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Someone makes a brake mount for bent springers. It's a bit overkill for just a fender mount. It's basically a chrome bar and plate that are drilled in the center which sandwich the fork.
Jun 13, 2015
US occupied MA
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Get a thin piece of steel and make your own mounting bridge. It could wrap around the fork legs with screws on the inside to hold it. If the metal's too thin or you don't want to tap it, you can use U-nuts. I would put some rubber between the metal and the forks to protect the paint.

Jan 21, 2009
Mililani, Hawaii
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I agree with Toto78, 2 fender braces, one front and one behind the fork. Then remove the rusty top mount. You can fab up your own fender braces pretty easily. Aluminum flatbar?

It looks like the original rear brace was cut off sometime in the past.
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Feb 26, 2017
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Dear Mr. HuffnPuff:
Illustrated here is an alternate arrangement for mounting your fender. It's not as sturdy as Duchess' plan, but it's a bit easier and should suffice along with braces fore and aft. You could dress it up with a round reflector.


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Aug 4, 2016
Poznan, Poland
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I like to do it the way it is done on Basman (and also on 2007 Kustom Kruiser Glide, and probably more bikes)

So, basically the fork has threaded rivets installed on the level of the fender, and the fender is attached with two little steel plates. They make special plates for Basman fenders, but here is an example of this done to a normal fender:

It is very neat, holds the fender well, and most importantly, you'd never have any problems of the fender touching/rubbing/hitting the fork, what is often the case if mounted with only normal struts.
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