Moving to the MAD MAX locale!


Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
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Wow! Congrats on the new place Luke.:thumbsup:
Very cool Luke.

Looking forward to seeing photographic updates of the overhaul! :happy:
That is some very good news! :)

We all need that!
Congrats Luke! You'll be churning out projects in no time :thumbsup:
Good things DO happen to good people!

Congratulations brother!
Cheers mate,
Thanks everyone! :113:
So, you're fixing up two places at the same time? Two workshops?
I have been fixing up the Shed here at my folks place as a way to say thanks for letting us stay for free! Without the free rent we would not have been able to save for our own place.

Speaking of the shed here at my folks, still making progress!

Got the main side weather proof today!



Still got the windows on the back wall to do before it is fully lockable, but nice to see some progress!