Muscle bike Build-Off #02 VOTING BOOTH! We have a winner!

Which are your favorite muscle bikes?

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Sep 18, 2011
New Hampshire
An extremely strong field of well built Muscle Bikes – I voted for three, but it was not easy.

To all of you that produced these Muscle Bikes in this Build-Off – I want to propose a Toast to all of you – CHEARS, good-luck and thank you for sharing your passion in favor of keeping the coolest concept in cycling EVER alive!!!

Muscle Bike lover since I received a Schwinn Sting-Ray Deluxe w/springer and 2-speed kickback hub in Coppertone for Christmas in 1967 – yeah, I’m that old – so what!

Once again, thank you all for building and thank you Luke for instigating this awesome Build-Off!
May 23, 2009
Augusta, KS
She was a great bike DD; it opened-up a whole ‘new world’ outside of my neighborhood in NYC’s East Village, a momentum continued well into my 20’s as a college student when I lived Spain, The Netherland’s and France.

It’s amazing how a simple bicycle can influence the life of a child.
First Taste of two wheeled freedom. A box of disassembled stingray parts started it all for me. I've been hooked ever since.
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