Musicians participating in the Build-Off

Nov 23, 2008
Rockhampton Australia
Been meaning to get around to this for a while, but have been too busy. How many musicians are building bikes for this year's build-off.

I'm a drummer........played in the same band for 15 years, then started playing guitar and doing solo gigs for a living for 8 years. Had a 10 year break from playing gigs, and started playing again at the start of this year. Currently I'm playing 2 or 3 gigs a week (could do more, but I only want to play on weekends), and will keep going as long as I'm still enjoying it. The extra bucks come in handy as well!!

Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz

Player and a builder... This is the last one I've done.
Squier body, Alvarez neck, Gibson mini bucker in the neck.
3 way switch is a modified Eldred for tone options.
The Jag switches control the pups on/off and neck phase.
I also did the Duncan/Beck body carve.

I'm the singer and rhythm guitarist in a praise band called Crossfire.
I modded the flipped strat too...

I'm also thinking of putting something looper based together
that sounds like Sonic Youth meets Neil Young ...

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Cool thread! Ive been playing guitar for around 10 years, been in a few small (for fun) bands, mostly blues and some classic rock. Ive made a few guitars as well, but I thought you guys would like this one. Its a 4 string slide guitar made with a pair of 1966 Jaguar Mk2 S-Type hubcaps and a telecaster pickup and pots. Got a build thread here if u wanna check it out: 4 String Slide guitar

Nov 21, 2007
I been hacking up guitars for years,my favorites are my 58 and 59 VOS Les Pauls but I do have others that I love.They all get played ya never get bored that way!!:rolleyes:!
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Oct 8, 2010
the flatlands of KS
I been hacking up guitars for years,my favorites are my 58 and 59 VOS Les Pauls but I do have others that I love.They all get played ya never get bored that way!!:rolleyes:!View attachment 4833 View attachment 4834 View attachment 4835
Wow, I hope you've got some awesome amps to go with those sweet guitars! I can tell you my 58 vos loves to be blasted through the JTM 45 copy I made with a range master clone between them...straight up John Mayall's blues breakers w/Eric Clapton tones going on there!
I used to play in a reggae band, then had a blues/rock band. Now I'm just doing solo acoustic stuff, learning how to sing and play.
Still love the vintage amps though, one of my favorites right now:

by LowpowerD, on Flickr
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Nov 21, 2007
I usually just slap the GDEC in the morn because of the headphones option and its versatility,no need to have the cops here so early and are they usually extra cranky because they haven't had their coffee and donuts yet:rolleyes: besides they usually show up in the afternoon and I'm not even playing guitar!!
Seriously I love Blackface amps on clean or with a very little bit of drive,those Pauls just come alive in my opinion.Once in a while I'll kick it and and put it on killl.I do have an old vintage Valco and a Blackstar,both terrific!
Jan 21, 2011
Benton, KS
I played the trumpet in high school, does that count? I can still play it (I think). Used to drive my family crazy practicing every day. Should have learned the guitar or drums!:(
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Dec 12, 2012
I'm a fulltime Bass player and sound tech I play with 1 steady band and do some freelance work.
I also slap the odd guitar and bass together and do amp and pedal mods
I really had to hurry on my finished bike pictures as I had gigs in 3 different Towns on the weekend .
Only had 1 day to shoot and it was slightly overcast on the day I shot my pictures but I think it helped me .

Here's a pic of a Telecaster I made