My Dudley finds

Dec 29, 2009
Western Mass
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I couldn't leave the dudley show and not buy anything right???
Here's what I bought...

The bike had this tank on it when I bought it...

It was clearly the wrong tank for the bike but cool never the less. I thought it was going to fit another bike I am working on but it didn't, it did however fit the Westfield that it is shown on. You were right Dan, its a Columbia/Westfield tank :wink: Turns out its the same tank as this Westfield I have.

Back to the Dudley find, so what is it? I'm sure the rack, tank, and seat are not right. The tank is Columbia/Westfield so what is the rack from? I bought it pretty much for the seat and tank. I suspect the seat is 20's, is that right?


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