My Gray Klunker

Just got back from the ice-house on this bike where I picked up a delicious RedBull.

I like 'em klean and simple.

I like the sound it makes with these tires.....VVRRRRRRRRRR...

Pocket Pistol Skateboards rule!
...and don't mess with the 50 caliber frame. 8)
Later model fork.

Forced into 5-gear service.
Ex-coaster brake bike.

I really like this angle.

....then I leaned it against a tree, like a proper if it had no kickstand.

This was not a ground-up build, but a make over of a street-klunker that I built out of about ten bikes and a rust-pile over five or six years ago.
A friend at a bike shop had this rusted frame laying out back and I was after the handle bars it had.
He says "ten bucks for the handle bars or free if you take the frame too".
"Build thread" viewtopic.php?f=27&t=11337
Didn't think to take pics way back when.
No new parts were used in the building of this bike.
I think it's a true Klunker.
Hauls butt.
Climbs hills great.
Actually a pretty light weight rider.
It's been an active part of my fleet for a while now.

I wonder what it will evolve into in it's next incarnation. :? :wink:

Thanks for lookin'! :wink:
May 3, 2008
I love how much use this bike gets! It was one of the first bikes I saw when I signed up here, and I love seeing what you do with it. It seems like the more configurations you run it with, the cooler it gets! Good on ya!
Thanks Johnny!
Not sure what look it will get next time.
Perhaps a springer lowrider deal.
It will look like this for a while now.

GodHatesCleveland said:
He says "ten bucks for the handle bars or free if you take the frame too".
Now that's a friend.
Hank of Helotes Bicycle is a great guy.
He even made the Rat Rod Bike friendly list (Texas). ... tes#p39205
He's who I got the old PAU OPER from too.

Things I'd like to do to this bike are...
Alloy seat post
Maybe a 3-piece crank
Better brake levers

I knew this build-off was for grins.
Next one I enter will be more from the ground, up.
RatRod should prolly just give me that Klunker DVD, cuz all these other guys obviously already have a copy and know how to put together a sweet, proper Klunker. :lol: