My motorized rat beezelbub bike

Here are some pictures of my motorized rat bike. The bike started out as a trash day find. The bike is on old rusty Murray bike that I saved from the landfill.

I added a bike motor from Kings Motor Bikes. I have built several motorized rat bikes. This one will do 30 mph. If you take the baffle out of the muffler this bike sounds like its some kind of flat track motorcycle!

I have ridden this bike so much that I broke the top tube from the head tube so I had to re-weld it. I have a friend who inspects welds for Naval ships and when he saw my weld he did say that it was the ugliest welding job that he had ever seen in his whole career of being a welding inspector!!! I tole him thanks for the compliment!

I put red brick old style tires on this ride. Devil Horn. Steel rim in the back and aluminum mountain bike box style radial laced rim in the front. Gotta have mudflaps!

This bike scares small children.

Night view of the devil at a yet to be opened Wawa gas station.

Rear view.

Rear fender view with appropriate decalization.

Motor detail. Nice foam rubber air cleaner forced to fit.

Another view of the devil.
Mar 21, 2007
I LOVE it!
except, theres one thing that bugs me...
and I hope I dont offend you.
The seat doesnt match the bike, its too purdy...
that bike NEEDS a crusty brooks-type saddle.
that said, i really llike this bike!
Thanks for the comments.


Nah, I am not offended about the seat comment. I am not particularly happy with the current seat either.

I have been thinking about replacing the seat with something else. I can either go with comfort or style. If I go with comforgt I could replace it with a Electra seat or if I go for style I could dig up an old worn out seat with out any covering and I could duct tape some foam rubber on it. Second thought....duct tape makes a gooey mess......maybe I should use some zip ties to hold the foam rubber on the seat.

I do have an old ratty looking dirty looking white colored Troxel seat but it is a tad small but might look cool.
Apart from the seat, this is a perfect rat looking bike. I wouldn't go with the duct tape foam option, it would make it look too trashy. Just an aged black seat would do the job, the flames are too much. Just my 2 cents, great bike :D
Great bike! This one pegs about a twelve on the 1-10 awakazowie meter!

I disagree about the seat. A true rat is a work in progress, with pieces from everywhere/anywhere, not caring one whit about fashion, even so called "rat" fashion. A rat is perpetually in multiple stages of decomposition, and those stages include "new". The seat in question has flames, going right along with the hellacious theme. If you think it looks too new, take some 320 grit sandpaper to it, throw it in a saltwater fish tank for a week, or something, but the flamed seat is very fitting for this bike. I even like it shiny and new. It contrasts nicely with the grimy and old, making it seem even more delapidated. A nice tension of opposites.

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