My Super cheap SS

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Here is a project I am working on. It's a Single speed bike build like a fixie but with a freewheel instead of a track cog. I got parts back from the paint shop at a local farm implement manufacturer, where a friend works and can shoot my bike parts for me so I have the cranks and forks and frame and handle bars shot in bright red!, that's after a good bead blasting and acid wash and primer, then baked for a few hours, here is the bike mocked up with no wheels. I still need wheels and a chain and some minor brake work, most all the parts are from a friends junk pile O bikes so the cost so far is zero! I am letting it sit for a few more days to let the paint cure more.

Oct 16, 2011
San Diego, CA
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Sweet looking SS.!!!
I like that you used a big and little wheel size treatment. I did a SS build just like it and it was kool looking and it road like a dream..
Looks like you used a plastic bmx seat on your bike. You don't see that to often.
Overall a nice looking SS..