New guy from the midwest

Jan 10, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD
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Hey everyone! I've been an old bike enthusiast since I got my 3-speed Stingray around age 8. Choppers have always been a background influence for me, as my dad still rides his 750 Honda Amen Saviour chop daily.
I'm up to three Stingrays, a Fastback, Roadmaster Renegade, 20" Sears, plus a few 26" Schwinns in varying states of cool.

I was so stoked to find this forum a while back; finally custom bikes other than lowriders and fixies! Perfect!

24" Murray with 20" wheels, perhaps my favorite:

27" Varsity:

Tiger turned Stingray:

1975 Fastback before the seat, grips:

As it sits now:

Blank canvas Stingray:

I'm a little behind on pictures of the rest, but I'll catch up!
Apr 20, 2009
Fairfax, VA
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I had a 87' for a while, w/a TPI conversion shoehorned in the hole by the previous owner, Hooker emissions pipes, hi-cap rails, cammed open, the whole nine yards. Big fun 'til I got tired of the crank eating the bottom seals and trying not to run into slow-pokes on green lights. :crazy:Sold it and got another in a string of old Devilles. :grin: