New guy saying hi

Dec 4, 2019
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Hey everyone I'm a middle aged Rat Build newbie who recently bought a house in Puerto Rico and one of our new Puerto Rican friends owns a bike shop down there and asked me to bring him some old Schwinn bikes. Well it didn't take long and I am elbows deep into another new hobby! :D

I have always ridden bikes, but my brand was Intense when I raced and for pleasure Cannondale Mtn bikes - NO SUSPENSION, it's just too spongy for my 6' 3" 265 frame. (Headshok's are nice because I can turn them off)

Anyway as I am browsing around for the (now 17) bikes I've collected I came across a SWEET custom cruiser and I am hooked!!

Pics to come, but for now I need to figure out how to take 6 of these with me on our trip down next week with the kids for the little community nighttime bicycle 'parade'