Nightmare Before August (Mmwahahahahaha!)

Well, my wife's got the jump on me with "The Throwback" ( ), but I think I have finally settled on a frame.

Not even sure what it is. Been sitting in my basement for a little over 14 years.

Possible taillamp....

Headlamp options.....

A maybe on the saddle......

Some mirrors.....

It's a start, and this is gonna be a very far stretch for my own comfort zone. I really hope it works out how I see it in my head.
Apr 8, 2013
Re: Nightmare Before August

Glad to see you've finally made a decision... It will be awesome as always. I may have gotten the jump start on picking a frame but you have the jump on your overall idea. Now, is it going to be a race to see who finishes first?
Jan 13, 2007
northern calif
Re: Nightmare Before August

looks like whats left of a huffy built frame, cant tell who may have sold it but I think that is the shape of a JC Penney decal
on the head tube.
Re: Nightmare Before August

Sorry for no updates. The frame is still hanging, untouched in the basement. We decided to remodel another room in the old house. All of my non-work time has been devoted to getting this completed first as it has put quite a mess throughout the rest of the house. Kelley has been working on painting EVERYTHING while I'm at work. Here's hoping it's done soon and me and my wife can "get to building"
Re: Nightmare Before August

Finally two seconds to actually play with the bike. During my lunchbreak (on a Sunday) from work, but hey, I'll take whatever I can get.

Quick mock up of the tank probably going on. (Thanks Fat Willy)

.......and maybe this fork & Lil Tiger front wheel? (Thanks Highship)