Nuthin' Special

Jul 1, 2014
Las Vegas Area

I put 25 miles on it today, was quite the loop. I found this fence along the way shortly after the sun came up.

We rode past Centennial Park Along the way, was starting to warm up, but caught a cool down.

Rode past this on the way home.

This bike started for me as a sprayed over rusted 1940 HP Snyder Frame. I think its passed its way around rrb for a few years.

And I ended up with this.

I had a few hiccups during the build. I love the way this bike rides. the seat is far enuff back I can have it low amd still comfortably put miles on it.

Frame: 1940 HP Snyder
Crank: 1 piece stolen out of a green line
Chain: black half link black for a bmx
Pedals: sunlight
Wheels: unknown
Toolbox: special from a swap meet
Headlight: fifty's or sixty's motorcycle
Genuine leather Seat
way c my permit at a friends
Paint: rustoleum
Tail light: double sided trailer light
Tank: handmade
Kickstand: handmade
Handlebars: honda 250 custom bent
Seat post: lucky 7 welded to another lucky 7

Thanks for following the build, it was fun. I hope to catch your vote. !!

Build thread can be found here:
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Jul 1, 2014
Las Vegas Area
This came out really nice. I love that seat post and how it nicely flows with bikes frame
Thanks snake!

I was tryin to set that front spring about where the post came out of the frame, and barely off the fender when I'm riding it. After putting some miles on it today, came out better than I had planned comfort-wise. I'm 6'1", gives me room for my legs when on the hills.

That saddle needs a few more rides to fit my rear, its a bit hard.. :-/
Jul 1, 2014
Las Vegas Area
Great build!
I love how you made those handlebars from some BMX ones.
Those were actually 70s Honda xl250 bars..

They started out slightly tweaked from a telephone pole I hit while airborne, back in the 80's.. ( 14 and reckless back then )

When I bent them for the bicycle that bend went away. :)

And I had a new cool set of bike bars.
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