"OUTLAW" made the deadline? WHAT???

Another excellent build. Whats that squeakin sound? Will look even better when you paint it... love those sensible cycle shoes...:21:
:21:That squeaking is a birds nest in the tree next to the mailbox, didn't notice it before you mentioned it, must be some new chicks!
Thought of you when I found this...
The Gypsies asked to store all the metal that they collect, in my yard.Went and had a look and found this puppy.Nice alloy rim.View attachment 48701
You need to build that up Funk!
That bike is wild! Bet that rear tire really soaks up the road! Congrats on getting her across the "Finished" line! :thumbsup:
From memory I put 10 psi in it when I first started the build years ago, so no idea what is in it now! :thumbsup:
Looks incredible. I'd call it done-done!! Great to see it in the finished tread.
I like it just the way it is!
Thanks Guys! I have some Indian red metalflake put aside for it though, and that Kangaroo leather... ;)
Dec 9, 2013
Wow! That's an incredible build. Very well done mate. Love your style!

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Wow! That's an incredible build. Very well done mate. Love your style!

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Oh yeah! Really wanted to see this bike at the checkered flag :)
heck yea bro u made it. I bow down as u got this

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Been waiting for this one and it was well worth it!
I love it as it sits, but I also look forward to seeing your finishing touches to it down the road.
Looks like a fun ride too!
Way to go brother and not give up!
My god, that back tire and rim, it's freakin' me out.
Congrats, Lukester on a great bike and a nice finish

P.S. gotta add, I like it just the way it is too.
Excellent job!! That road has seen some cool rides.
Thanks everyone, really appreciate the push I got to get it rolling for the finish line!

Looks like a lot of people like it as is... I might have to think about whether paint and clean up is a good idea or not now!
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Leave it

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Great to see this one cross the line...it does have a great look as is..looks like a decent rider too!
I'm leaning that way now, thinking about painting up the wheels with the metalflake though, and re do the bars, add brakes...

It rides fairly wheel, but there is a small learning curve due to the long fork and wide bottom bracket, as you push forward on the pedal on one side it tries to push the headtube that way and so the steering turns the other way... Not bad once you get used to it, kind of like a big bend lowrider springer, but not as bad...
Well poop, I may never win one of these. *wink* *grin*
:21: You might be surprised yet!