Paddy Waggin'

Worked late into the night Friday getting the bike assembled before doing some final pieces.
Got the front end on

Saturday morning finally found something I could use as a seat spring....old motorcycle wheel bumper holder.

After some cutting, grinding, sanding and paint, we have a old school tractor style spring

Why use the 3 months provided when you can get it all in the last weekend......

Don't have much in progress photos, to busy buildin' to get shots during the stages not to mention the lack of write up.

Here it is, Paddy Waggin' before and after

Trailer is finished with astroturf to make Grant feel at home while on the road and representing the site.

More pics, lots of sun, hope to take some pics this evening and one with the big boy riding in the back.

Now time to check out all the other awesome builds on the site!