Pair Wards Hawthornes -- $200 (Baltimore MD)

Jul 30, 2013
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These are the same two bikes I had mentioned earlier in Fresh Finds. The seller has re-listed them. EDIT: They've already dropped the price twice. I wonder how much it'll be tomorrow?


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May 18, 2020
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I've been working on buying a set of fenders for 3 weeks now, looks like it will finally happen tomorrow. Me thinks "reality" TV is wrecking the fun for a bunch of us. I spend a bunch of time reading through Jalopy Journal & HAMB and it seems they have it just as bad with unrealistic sellers.
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I'm shopping for an old SUV to tow behind the camper on vacations. I was thinking this would be my shot at justifying my dream square Bronco, or an old Scrambler, or worst case old Scout. Nope... prices are in the stratosphere. I saw a $249k price tag on a Scout...not one gold bar to be seen.