Part-by-Part Stingray build

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This will be a long Drawn out build so i can have my dream stingray.

Here it is, An '80 Stingray II i got from arpicker

As some know, the stingray II had the same short frame as the early stingrays; of which i cannot find. Soooo im going to build it up as an early '64-67 Stingray, but with a slight twist. Ive also always wanted a Schwinn Krate, and once again i cannot really afford one, so, i have a plan to find a 24 springer, and i already have a 16 front wheel

So ill have a, 19(65) Schwinn Super-deluxe stingray, and i plan to have it powdercoated so it will last a while 8)
Sep 29, 2008
Findlay, IL
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'65 was the last year of the shorty frame. (part no. 1940-A) In '66, the frame was changed to part no. 1936, which was the longer frame. They changed it because the shorty frame was too dangerous. It was too easy to pop wheelies. I have one and it's so easy to lift the front end (even with a springer) it makes it almost hard to ride. Gary
Oct 28, 2013
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Very nice . Picked up a 1972 Stingray bout 3 months ago from this lil one stop light town near me. Found it in an ad on craigslist for sale along with a few other old Shwinns. Instead of letting someone else get it i made an offer she coudn't refuse son loves it. Turns out they were the first owners of the bike and had all the paperwork from the receipts to the owners manual to the the little Schwinn bag from the dealer . Great bikes , good luck