Jun 13, 2015
US occupied MA
Rating - 100%
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I never use drive-throughs, so I didn't think of that. Do they use cameras or sensors to know a customer is there? Would there be enough mass and/or metal to set a sensor off?

I don't know where anyone realistically rides them around me. They're too expensive to have as a toy, but the roads are just so narrow and clogged with distracted morons and people angry at everyone else for their own bad life choices to ride them many places and they're not allowed on the bike paths. Also a lot of hills and I would think it wouldn't be fun to be honking these things up them all the time. I wish there were electric cars with the sleek velo form factor, though the problem of distracted morons driving road leviathans still applies. I really liked the VW XL1, but it was ridiculously expensive and wasn't sold in the US.
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