Phillips stainless 26 in fenders

Jan 20, 2014
Great Lake State
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Very nice stainless 26 in fenders. 1 3/4 wide. Includes Phillips badge. Reflector is nice not glass. 50 plus small shipping fee. Pm
if interested

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Rollfaster hasn't logged in since late August...your best chance to contact him would be through PM. Click on his name and 'Start a Conversation'...if he gets email notifications, he might respond :grin:.

Good luck and welcome to RRB!
Thank you for your helpful suggestion.
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If the OP no longer has them I have a set I am going to be selling.
Thanks, I would be interested. How much would you be asking, along with shipping to NJ zip code 08084. What condition are they in? Would you kindly send me a message with some snaps of them.
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