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I deleted all my photos from Photobucket and deleted my account, answered their stupid survey but I still have an account. AOL was like that when my Father died, couldn't get rid of them. They kept taking $ out of his account and followed it when I had it changed to another account and took $ out of that. I moved it to another bank and they finally ended out suing a dead guy, or trying to, all for a few months of missed payments because they would't unsubscribe the account. That was the end of that. I never thought that this was common internet practice but they all seem to make it difficult to unsubscribe. I think the lesson is to never subscribe to anything on the net, especially if it looks too good to be true, because eventually it won't look good. Makes me feel dumb all over again, but I seldom follow my own advice.
Nov 18, 2007
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It says my account will be deleted 7/5/2017. I deleted all my pics (it says I have 2, don't know where they are). It also says that I'm using 19% of storage.
Jul 15, 2015
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I've been using for years for my photo hosting. It's $25.00 per year and allows easy creation of albums, editing, captions, etc. Check it out ad see if you might use it as a replacement for Photobucket.
Dec 3, 2010
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Photobucket can photosuckit.
What a pathetic way to run a business. Hijack your photos and hold them for ransom. If they had a clue on how to run a business they would require payment for future use of their site. Not to view the pics already uploaded to their site. What a bunch of scumbags.
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So far for me, PB just says I will not have 3rd party hosting, but can still access my photos. I don't have important pics on there anyways. But I can still post the direct links. I never really trusted them, and lately the ads are ridiculous and they keep trying to send you to other sites and surveys.
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Oct 6, 2008
Eastern NC
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I've dealt with their garbage ads and pop ups, the slow site, and they think I'm going to give them money after doing this?
Mar 5, 2014
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The personal computer and internet have changed so much in the past 10yrs that it has now devolved into a marketing, spying and ransom platform. What it used to be was a time-saving tool which made our lives richer and more efficient. In the very near past, you could go to a simple website, and find the information or product you WANTED quickly and efficiently. Dial up service, in retrospect, was actually faster than the "new" current high-speed internet, and the reason is there was NO ADVERTISING. It was information-based, and not advertising based. It is now a corporate tool used to literally spy on you and bombardment-advertise at you. Nothing more, nothing less. IT was inevitable this was going to happen. Advertising now drives and funds the websites, so what can you do? Ain't gonna change.
Now, when using any "high-speed" internet connection, my email website freezes up my keyboard while ads load on the margins. I have NEVER looked at or responded to any ad EVER. Sometimes I have to wait 15-20 seconds while the cursor whirls around in circles going nowhere, AND my keyboard is frozen up. So this is efficiency? Talk about frustrating. PC's and other computing devices used to be really incredible time savers. Now, you have to wait for advertising to load before your keyboard even works. Bad news people.
Good thing is, you can take a photo with your camera or phone, tnsfr to your harddrive or storage drive, and directly upload to RRB. Problem solved! Your old threads using PB though, are another thing....
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Nov 22, 2011
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Sadly I've looked at few of my posts and see that I am a victim of using photoshop free hosting service over the years. I think most of the missing photos are in the buildoff forums. If I run out of something to do I might try to repost some. I have used both a camera and my phone over the years so recovering all the images would be a nightmare.
Seems like a pretty lame thing for Photobucket to do to their users. I keep waiting for Facebook to do the same thing. Everything thing seems to be about dollars these days.

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Apr 24, 2007
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I used to have photos at Well, they shut down with out any warning. All photos gone.

We (my sibs) had photos at They shut down but they did give us warning and time to download zip files with all the photos. That was 10,000 from me and my sibs so it took a few zips. And 2 weeks to upload to using a super fast connection. I've since uploaded 20,000 photos to flickr and I'm up to 1.4% of my free space.

I've been using for several years now. Works pretty well once you get used to how it does stuff. But Yahoo owned flickr and Yahoo got split up and sold off. Some services went to Verizon so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. My guess is it wont' be good.

So who thinks the internet is a place to store anything? Wrong O. Any internet company can go under, get sold, shut down, etc, without any warning. The internet is a place to share photos and videos. A spare hard drive or flash drives is where you make backups and archives. NOT on your computers hard drive which can fail, get hacked or encrypted and held for ransom. It's pretty hard to hack a flash drive in a desk drawer or fire safe. Oh yeah, your smart phone is not a safe or reliable place to store photos for any indefinite time. Those get hacked, dropped, broken, stolen, etc. Even with an auto load feature, you still need to download back to your computer and backup media. If you are using a smart phone and no computer, you will get screwed sooner or later.

Flash drives are dirt cheap now. less than $1/gig. For under $20, you can backup all your photos and save a ton of headache later on. They are pretty reliable too. Better than burning to cheap plastic discs that just don't last. No moving parts and every one I've put thru the wash has survived no problem.

Yikes $399/year! That's just nutz. You can get a web site for $10/month and put your photos there with any 3rd party hosting you want to do. Add a url of your choosing for $10/year and you are way ahead of photobucket'$ new gig.

If you are already paying for internet service at home, you could set up a separate computer in your house to be a web server and the only limit on photos would be how large the hard drive is. Just don't put any credit card info on it.

There are so many options. Only the clueless or desperate would cave to photobuckets new blackmail.
Sep 7, 2014
Columbus OH
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I've been using the upload to RRB for a while now since it's so convenient but when i used to use photobucket, instead of using their link, I would always enlarge the pic and right click and copy that address. That way the pic would enlarge when clicked on and not send you to photobucket.

It appears the photos I did that with are still working.

Dec 24, 2013
Columbus, OH
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Most ISP's include some amount of webspace with subscription. Lots of people have been fooling with photobucket and similar for years w/o need.
Back when we signed up in 2013, the only options here to post pictures were "pay RRB for the privilege" or "post them free through a third party hosting site." From 2015:

There are two ways to post photos on the forum. One is the free method and the other requires a $20/year Pro Membership fee.

In order to post images within your posts on the forum you will need to set up a free account with a 3rd party image hosting website like Photobucket or ImageShack. Once you have set up your account and uploaded your images you will need to copy the IMG code from the image that you want to post and paste that into the body of your post.
(Thanks, Internet Wayback Machine! )

When I first signed up, I wasn't sure how long I'd end up hanging around here, and I was too cheap to pay $20 a year for membership -- so now I'm forced to "pay" in other ways, like going back and uploading pictures to 100 or so posts! :doh: