Problem with following threads.

Apr 1, 2014
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I always have a time trying to follow favorite builds during build offs. So I click the "Watch" button. This is happening, the button stays toggled on.

I also set some forums to watch - seems to work as I get alerts.

Now as an example I was following:
BO15 WAHA-SEDB-3 (Trike-Tor...22x44)
May 1, 2020
And today I just looked around and I had missed like 4 pages of his fantastic build thread! :(

The thing is I swear I get an alert for every dumb meme and show me your ugly fixie derelict.

I would just like to know the rules so I get alerts for what I'm really wanting to follow. as in the above example I have watch set on the BO15 class 1 build forum and on MazdaFlyer's thread. Is this a no no?

I am sorry if this is a rant. :cry:

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Aug 9, 2012
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I have been getting spotty alerts to my watched threads over the past week. I've noticed a few that I don't get alerts for, but then show up in the list for all new posts
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