Project Purple - No longer a project.

Late to the party as usual... :roll:

Anyway, some of you may remember my 1965 violet Varsity build from 2010.
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Well, I found another one, mostly complete and a bit rusty, in a smaller frame.

A recent find of an NOS fork in the correct size and color gave me the incentive to start this thing. I should have enough parts to make it into a fun rider and get it done in time for the build off deadline.

Stay tuned!
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Peatbog said:
Have fun building. I have to watch this one come together. I like Varsities. I actually had a story published once about the Varsity my dad bought me. That was my first bike I ever had with multiple speeds. My brother and I spent hours and hours and hours speeding around Carlisle, Pennsylvania on our Varsities.
Thanks for the kind words!

I'm only 20 minutes from Carlise! Some of the bikes in my collection were found at the car shows there over the years. 8)


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Aug 31, 2009
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Peatbog said:
I lived there from about 1970 to about 1973 or so when I was in the 5-8th grade. The cars shows at that time weren't what they are today!
Hey Peat, do you remember an ice cream and candy shop called Johnny's? We used to ride our bikes there all the time.
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Today a box arrived from the good people at Porkchop BMX. It contained my crankbolts and a set of purple alloy Victor pedals...

I love how they wrapped everything in pages from a newspaper called "Busted" which contains mugshots of local folks who had recently, um - misbehaved... :roll:
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These NOS Shimano thumbies came today as well. An eBay purchase that ended up costing little more than just buying cables. Deals are still out there! Funny that the seller left me feedback #500 which earned me a *purple* star!

They weren't wrapped in any mugshots but I included them in the photo anyway... :lol:
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Peatbog said:
I do remember the donut shop that was close by the bike shop where I got my Varsity.
You probably got your bike at Cole's. As far as I know, they are still in business. The shop was run by a nice group of people too. I used to work the local MS 150 bike ride with Len Cole and his wife back in the early 1990's
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NOS fork. I think it even has a the correct date code.

I'm using a King Sting spindle instead of a 3 piece BB adapter. (also because I had one in the parts bin.) They setup is heavy but I can use the original bottom bracket set and the whole thing will be pretty much indestructible. A Sturmey Archer 3 speed clamp will handle the cable stop duties for the front derailleur.

Here's where we are so far. Project Purple's big brother looks on in the background.
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It's now to the point where it's rideable. Time to get the bugs out of it before I add any "bling"... :)

18 speed drivetrain. This derailleur was made from three different ones and seems to work well.

The new thumbies work fine. The adjustable stem is flexy and unattractive but will have to do until I find a nicer one.

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kingfish254 said:
That is really a good looking bike man!!!!
Thanks Kingfish! The bike is coming along nicely. I have another adjustable stem on order that should get the bars just where I want them. I'll add a few other accessories and shiny trinkets and the bike should be good to go. Mrs. kingsting already claimed the bike as her own so I probably won't be the one who rides it. :p
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I ordered a different adjustable stem and it came yesterday. The plain black finish wasn't cutting it so a little silver and candy paint will fix it right up.

The stem put the bars right where I wanted them.

NOS Exage 300 derailleur and cable stop detail.

As it sits now. I added a Pletscher style "rat trap" rack. Since this will be a rider, the rack will come in handy. Next up will be a different saddle, bars, and possibly a fender.

Mar 1, 2012
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Nice Varsity, I've never seen that color on a Schwinn.

If it's a '56 it has different tail-light lenses than oem. The lenses made me think of the '55, but they may be aftermarket.

My dad was a tri-5 addict, Rg
Re: Project Purple - time to add some bling!

bike2112 said:
Is that a glitter pink chainstay protector??? This bike is awesome. That color is really cool.
Yep! Made from flashy tape that's used to dress up fishing lures. Works great and comes in a bazillion different colors and patterns. I have it on a lot of bikes.

Before - Eewwww... Nasty and chippy:

After - Yaaaayy! Sparkles!: