Purpa-Trator Detail pics P7 Ride Vid. P9

May 23, 2009
Augusta, KS
Unfortunately Kingfish, I'm not in love with how that seat looked with the new fork. So, the fork stays. Even though I spent hours building that seat. Anyone want to buy a one of a kind BIG banana seat?
May 23, 2009
Augusta, KS
Tail light


I just liked this pic

Yeah man, They're Cragar SS

Another groovy shot.

Hopefully the sun comes out again before the deadline so i can get some good pics when i get all the decals finished and all that good junk.
Apr 15, 2013
Enid Oklahoma
Nice Details Man, I'm in the same boat on trying to figure how to get some good pictures with the weather, but if it snows, it sure will set off the colors of your bike and mine.:cool:
Jan 21, 2011
Benton, KS
Tick Tick Tick! Come on man, the suspense is killin me! You & I are both going to end up in procrastinators anonymous 10 step program.:D
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