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Aug 20, 2009
Derby, KS
Re: QuickSilver

I took the bike out with some of the other members to celebrate the build off. I cut a corner too sharp and tweeked a pedal. It can be fixed though. I decided I had better check the durability of the rest of the bike at the skate park. No further damage was sustained so the bike passed my final shake down inspection.

Dropped in the pool

My daughter behind the camera just missed a sweet jump.

Hard to see, but I am airborne in this one.

Another stop on the ride was the Go-Away Garage, a local art gallery that has hosted The Art of the Bicycle and other exhibits that go hand-in-hand with our rat rod style. They have an old school bus out front that the taggers have decorated with some fantastic murals.

I made my mark on the bus several years ago and it is still there.
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