Rainy day $5 Fuji

It has been raining most of the day today but I had to go downtown so when the rain stopped for a bit I made a break for it. I stopped by the scrapyard on the way to run my errands and as I went by the scrapyard I could see two bikes sticking out of a bin still being loaded. I swing around and take a second look. Curly handlebars... :? . Not being a skinny tire road bike fan I almost went on but when I got up next to the bin I saw a girl's Huffy, then behind it my eyes spot FUJI on the seat tube of a very tall road bike. :D Quick change front wheel, chrome fork legs, chrome is in great shape, Sugino cranks, and clip pedals. I asked the guy un-loading the truck if he was scraping it and he said, "Not if you want to buy it" I said "I'll give you $5." He said SOLD and picked it up out of the bin and handed it to me. Not sure what it's worth but for the $5 I paid for it I think I should do well on it. It was worth getting soaked in the rain to find a $5 Fuji.

Sunshine quick change hub

Nitto Olympian bars

Bianchi pedals with toe clips

Sugino cranks

Suntour 7 GT derailleur
Sep 10, 2010
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Is that a "Dynamic 12" or something of the sort? I got a blue Dynamic 12 at goodwill for $19.99 it had a rat trap rack and a gel seat. I tuned it up and it rides great!

Mine has alloy everything so I'm not sure if it is the same as yours. Either way I think you did great.

tin machine said:
cool find ,I just sold a smaller version of it for 150.00 here in tallahassee ,if i had it here cleaned up 150 to 175 all day long . score !!!
SWEET! I've already got it cleaned and polished. All the brake cables and gear cables are in great shape and work like they should. Back tire holds air, only thing I found wrong with it was a little dust, few small scratches, and a slow leak in the front tire. :mrgreen:
Aug 20, 2011
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bikeforums.net is a good forum for skinny tire bikes, they have a classic and vintage forum that guys on there can tell you everything you need to know about that bike
jaydub said:
So what did you do to it..anything..?
I cleaned and polished the wheels, aired up the tires, gave it a good wipe down to get rid of the dust and dirt. I also need to get a tube for the front as it has a slow leak. Other than that I've just posted it. No e-mails yet.

Everything worked when I got it. brake and gear cables look like new and work smoothly. I did manage to get up on it and ride it even though the stand-over height well exceeds my inseam. (Standing next to the bike the top tube is higher than my junk) I can just barely reach the pedal at full stroke. Rides great otherwise.
highship said:
So now it's a $5 Schwinn HD... Now that's a deal!
Yeah but as I always say It doesn't matter what I payed for it, It's what it's worth.

There are 3 numbers to consider when I let go of something.

Least important is what I payed
What it's worth is a large factor
But the most important is what you got to pay me to get it.

The trade hit that right spot.