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Mar 18, 2007
ricksterr1221 said:
i Can do that.. i wasnt sure what it is, I love them bikes man. Im gonna put some big peddle arms on my stinger and some bmx peddles, do they make sparks at night?
You know what!!

The trick is not to put longer arms on, the trick is to lower the bike so you have to put shorter arms on and still scrape!!

I use 5" crank arms. Together with a bent springer. It lowers the Roadster over 6". Then I cut the spring in the fork almost in half to get it even lower. When you do this the original crank arms is on the ground...

No they don't spark, if you wanna make'em spark you put som magnesium on'em, then sparks will fly!!! :eek:

Jun 24, 2007
Titanium will make cooler sparks... and if you go fast and pedal scrape, you will do what's called a "kick out", back tire leaves the ground and moves over a half foot or so, wheee!!