Rattled (ex ≈ PeaceTogether ≈ name change)

EDIT - 18/06/2013

I have decided on a name change to...


Build Off #8 entry

I thought I would not be participating, but then I thought again...

So a couple of days ago, I went to a local demolition yard, not expecting to find much in the way of stuff for a bike, but found these pieces of curved metal...


...which jumped out and said "we'll be a bike". So I got them and have been designing a frame to make from them. It is the first time I have actually done a full size drawing before building... I usually just get old bikes and cut willy nilly. And in the past I have had to get someone else to weld the bits back together, but since I now have a welder, I can do it myself. Here is the plan and donor parts...


I have done some cutting resulting in this pile...


I also just won an auction on the local auction site, Trade Me, so I now have to dip into my savings and pay for it... a Marin Drake with three speed coaster rear that I will use. More cost effective for me to do that than to buy a wheel set on its own.

I am having trouble deciding on my final name for this build. For now it will be...


...but now these other names have come to mind...

Mr Moonlight
Mr Blue Sky
Twist And Shout

...which are all names of songs.

Any input anyone?
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Jan 2, 2012
Re: ≈ PeaceTogether ≈

That itch just keeps itchin until you scratch it.... :D
Welcome to the build off,Good luck lookin great so far....


Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
Re: ≈ PeaceTogether ≈

Good to see you in Glen! :D
Love the design so far, looking really good!

I had one thought for a name, but it may be too vague... "Jumble-Liar" Pronounced like Jambalaya the southern Cajun dish.
It kind of works because it will be made from a jumble of parts into one cohesive bike...

Pretty vague... :roll: :lol:

Re: ≈ PeaceTogether ≈

LukeTheJoker said:
Good to see you in Glen! :D
Love the design so far, looking really good!

I had one thought for a name, but it may be too vague... "Jumble-Liar" Pronounced like Jambalaya the southern Cajun dish.
It kind of works because it will be made from a jumble of parts into one cohesive bike...

Pretty vague... :roll: :lol:

Thanks for the name suggestion, Luke. You arrived at "Jumble-Liar" (jumble of parts) in a similar way that I got "PeaceTogether"... as in pieced together from parts.

I will pin down the name as the build progresses :roll:

Here is what I want to use as the headlight...


It is one of those spot lights that are used on police cars in the USA. We don't have them on the police cars over here. They have a handle that you twist to rotate the light to point it where you want it. This item is why I thought the name "Twist and Shout" is suitable.

Will hopefully get into the frame welding in the next few days.
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Re: ≈ PeaceTogether ≈

Yeah Luke, these spot lights are not that common here... I have two. The other one was mounted on my 1951 Chev back in 1990. They are not a matching pair, but close. This one I have never had going but the other one I wired so it would plug into the Chev's cigarette lighter.

I don't know how to get it to swivel when turning the front wheel... but you never know what ideas come along while building. The current plan is to have it mounted on a bracket welded to the side of the head tube.

Uncle Stretch

Feb 9, 2008
Re: ≈ PeaceTogether ≈

LukeTheJoker said:
Love that spot light! The real ones like that are super rare, easy to find the dummy spots, but the proper ones with the handle are hard to find!

Sorry Luke I messed up your post....dang mod deal anyway.

Every car I drove for 22 years had two of them on it. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Re: ≈ PeaceTogether ≈

Well, the Marin Drake Cruiser was waiting for me when I arrived home from my horticulture course yesterday :D


I purchased it mainly for the rear wheel which is a 3 speed nexus coaster brake. It only cost $45 more to buy this whole bike than to buy a similar wheel set only.

But now I have it and it is together...


...I quite like it and am loathe to part it out :roll:

If I can get some old rims I might do some wheels like the one I did on the back of Chopster...


I might just use that one and do a similar one for the front :?
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Re: ≈ PeaceTogether ≈

I have done a bit of work on the frame and fork.

Forks ready for extending...


My amazing jig for tacking the down tube and seat tube to the lower rail...


The frame tacking has taken longer than I thought it would because I am a bad welder :roll:

Here is the first mock up...


Hard to keep up the work and trying to keep up with all the other builds :shock:
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Re: ≈ PeaceTogether ≈

bigfatcat said:
WOW! That frame is lookin' slick bud! Great use of found materials.
Cheers mate, thanks. :D

I'm pretty happy with it so far but because of my dodgy welding skills, I think I'll have to add lots of gussets at the joins :roll: Plus I have a sinking feeling that the chain might hit the chain stay, but since I am not entirely sure of the wheel combo yet, I'll jump that hurdle when I get to it :?
Re: ≈ PeaceTogether ≈

Have not done anything more except tack weld on the bottom bracket and tack weld some bars together...


I did manage to get a donor bike for the rims so I can now do a widening job like I did on Chopster. I was not entirely happy with Chopster so I will use the rear wheel off that and match it with the donor rims.
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Re: ≈ PeaceTogether ≈

Been doing a lot of staring and planning and thinking and contemplating and... procrastinating :roll:

But I did do the headlight mount today :D ...



I have also looked on the internet for some colour inspiration and found these...

I think I will try for something along these lines now which is a lot different to what I originally wanted to do, which was something like the psychedelic bikes of Rick Fearless...

A bit too ambitious for me at the moment :?
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Re: ≈ PeaceTogether ≈

I wasn't feeling too good today... a bad cold :shock: ... poor me :roll: ... so I took the afternoon off from my course and wired the LEDs into the spotlight I am using for my headlight.

The lamp in the light is a sealed beam thing so I broke the parts at the back where the filaments go in leaving small holes for the LEDs. Here are the photos...

This is the donor lamp. A cheap touch light from a "bargain" shop...

LED board removed sitting with the spot lamp they are going in...

The pliers are carefully squeezed to break these parts where the filaments go in...

I wrapped the spot in an old towel to catch shards of glass and this is the result after breaking both pieces...

One of the LEDs was removed along with the wee switch for the touch light and the remaining LEDs were bent slightly to align with the holes in the spot...

The unit was then wired up to the appropriate places inside the spotlight bowl...

The LED board was then fitted to the spot with a couple of wee bits of foam for cushioning...

And then some tape was applied to hold it in place...

I had a few of these battery packs handy so I will use one for this light...

This is the light going...

:D Yay... this was a job I had been putting off and was an ideal little task to do inside in the warm... not that it is too cold here where I am, but it is winter here :|

I know... I know... GTB! :p