rear unsprung/ dual suspension bikes? cRazy


Oct 31, 2012
To each there own but you cant even turn the cranks a full revolution on these and I am not a fan of carpet cruisers
Jul 10, 2009
Tampa Bay Area
Who looked through a bunch of their photos? There are a few of 'em actually being ridden...looks like teenagers. So it's possible, but my 40-year-old knees would sound like firecrackers.

Still, there are some nice lines on a couple of those bikes. I'm a little scared of the seat tubes that have been shaved for tire clearance until there's nothing holding up your butt but a strip of metal.
Jun 5, 2013
I built one of these in high school out of a dual suspention that had fallen off a 3 story building, it was so low that you had to use the crank of a 12" bike, it didn't turn for anything (front fork was bent out about 35 degrees) and even the tiny cranks left the pedals an inch off the ground when standing straight, but it was a head turner.