Restoring hosted photos in existing threads

Nov 16, 2011
Mechanicsburg Pa.
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So I just found out Photobucket is now charging what appears to be a ridiculous amount of money for image hosting. Becoming a pro member on RRB seems to be my way around this, as this is the only forum I actively post photos to. My question is once I change hosting options, how can I restore the photos in existing posts that are being denied by photobucket? I am particularly worried about the 3 pages of posts I have in BO12. If another websites policy changes shut down all the hard work I've put in over the last 2 months I'll be upset to say the least. Any help anyone can toss my way would be greatly appreciated.
Jun 22, 2015
Indianapolis, IN
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There is no automatic way to fix. You can edit your posts. Delete the photobucket reference and upload the same photos in the edited posts. Not a fun project to redo all that previous work. Or just make it good from this day forward. However, if your bored out of your mind this winter, you will always have something to do.

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