Reworking an Oldie

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It's time to grow up. The first iteration featured a lawn chair arm as the down tube, and the best paint job spray paint and impatience could get me.

Then, it was reborn with a western theme, including an actual saddle as a seat.

Well, I thought it was time to be an adult frame, and so, I chopped off the lawn chair piece, and I'll be dropping this down lower, and rebuilding it as a nice, simple frame.

I also took a John Brain springer fork I had made, but didn't like the length of, and I'm reworking that as a triple tree fork.
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Completed the frame, put on some cool parts, including a fairly new Brooks saddle, a Warren Wong wheelset, some 1970s NOS 7/8"s motorcycle grips that I've had in their package for years, and a unique set of bars that are a weird kind of wide apes, which I welded on 3 1/2" extensions on to pull them further back. She rides beautifully.