RoadMaster Diesel

Dec 14, 2007
Austin, TX

Build Thread: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=15767

Build Info:
- Late 50's AMF/CWC RoadMaster Flying Falcon frame, chainguard, bars (flipped) and rear fender (bobbed)
- 50's era JC Higgins coffin tank (diesel nameplate found on the ground during a ride)
- 40's era CWC "Shock-Master" fork, RoadMaster racing-flag headbadge, and Luxury Liner seat (missing cover)
- 30's era Dayton skiptooth sprocket and crank, ball-end grips
- RoadMaster rims with re-packed New Departure hubs, added black pinstripes
- Felt QuickBricks with thorn-resistant tubes
- Crusty light outfitted with LED touchlamp
- Varsity stem, custom-welded seatpost, old pedals from a little girl's skiptooth bike

Just a note on the shooting location for these pics, I rode over to where they are extending Rt. 72 through Forestville, and rode up and down the future highway. Until they open this to traffic, it's my own personal race track. :)

back to pics:

my favorite decal on the other side of the tank.

shot the next couple while riding:

riding no-handed in the passing lane of a future highway

on the new ped bridge over the future highway

I also rode over to where I shot most of the final build-off pics for DevilWing last year, for old time's sake:

back at home after the ride:

for comparison's sake, the "before" picture:

It's always fun being a part of the build-off's here, and this year I too was so impressed with all of the builds. It's an honor to have my bike included amongst so many other cool ones, from all over the world, from people of all ages. Kudos to all the other builders.

And also, I'd like do dedicate this bike to this Rat Rod Bike community, because it was you all who inspired me to build this. In the spirit of community I am proud that this bike was put together with parts I received (for free or cheap) from friends, family, and fellow forum members, and the only new parts I bought were tires and tubes. I am especially thankful to my local Rat Rodder crew, Bob, Joe, Skip, and Ian, for all their help and advice along the way, you guys rock, let's go for a ride!

Dec 14, 2007
Austin, TX
blink said:
nice VERY early morning shots for dramatic shadowing!

came together really really well.
Thanks Adam. But I actually shot those in the evening last night. If I had shot them this morning I would still be in photoshop for the next few hours. :)
That bike is beautiful! Details like the headlight, the pointy bobbed fender, and don't forget to mention the DIESEL script, make this bike unique. Man, that script fits this bike sooo wel. Ofcourse I have to mention your presentation and your photography. Those shots are beautiful. The scenery, the angles, the eye for detail, color, and lighting.

Very well done!
Sep 1, 2006
Simsbury, CT

You Got R' Done! I see you udes the spacer on the headset. I guess that was the easiest way to overcome that problem without getting a tap n die set to add more threads. Looks good with all the parts buttoned up. The big question is "How does she ride?" You must have spent considerable time on the photog and photochop as I waited and waited for the pics! HA HA hA!

On a side note that looks like a great place for some Vintage Bike Drag Racing! All we need is some vintage skull caps, some fingerless leather gloves and a Starter Girl waving the flag!