I'm excited to get my page started for the RRBO#8 :D I'll be going with the "Traditional builds" & I have So many ideas going through my head right now its spinning, hahah :lol: I do know one thing for sure....I'm going to try & give my build a little "DETROIT OlD SkOoL STYLE" Kick.... hahha with a little touch of some "Kid Rock", some way, some how, involved... hahah....
Hopefully the name of the bike won't change but with the thoughts going through my head right now, the name of the bike will be named ~ROVING GANGSTER~ . . . :mrgreen:
What better place to get some GREAT ideas for the build than the "Henry Ford Museum", hahah Check out these bike pictures, these will get your mind going for a build !!!

scott brownsey said:
Thanks Scott... I figured I would get a few "Old" bike pics to get everyone in the Mood :D ....

As soon as I get my thoughts together on my build, I will start posting some pics... Gotta get through some boxes first & check out some parts :lol: ...
by King Zebba on Sat May 04, 2013 9:17 am

Those are some really Cool pics! Welcome to the fun!!
It's Good to be the King!

LukeTheJoker said:
Very cool! I love the one on the top shelf!
Looking forward to seeing your build photos.

Hey Thanks King Zebba & Luke... I'm with you Luke, that one on the top shelf is Sweeet !!! Sorry I haven't got to the bike pics yet, hahah.... They will show up soon, been busy with so much stuff lately & different ideas going through my head for the build, I just gotta get it going
on, hahah !!! :D
Well enough thinking about it, I'm going Nuckin Futs :lol: TIme to GET IT ON !!! I'm going to try and tackle these boxes today & get into some PARTS, hahah... I know I gotta a frame somewhere in there, or is it maybe in the shed, or in the Garage ??? hahah.... I'm real good at packing things so they don't get scratched or dinged up, but I'm terrible at trying to find stuff, hahah... I'LL USUALLY FIND WHAT I'm LOOKING FOR IN THE LAST BOX I LOOK IN ! :x

I knew I could find it .... It just took me a little & the BEST part is that I found it before the "LAST BOX". :D Here it is, the Stretched Out "ROVING GANGSTER" Frame. Was going to go with a different stretched out frame, paint it ect, but I think the nice clean "Chrome Look" will add to the 80's style "OlD sKoOl" look I'm trying to go after.
Don't mind the "Bullet-Holes", in the picture, I had to add them, hahah :lol: .

Wide rear end for maybe some Nice "3.0 Tires" :lol: ???

To Tell ya the truth, I think this rear end could handle "3.5 Tires" :wink:

Now it's Time to rip into some more boxes & get some parts together !!!
Dreaming a little & trying to figure out which way I want to go :? ... Don't know if I want to go with triple tree forks, springer fork, ect... Chrome fenders, painted fenders, No fenders... Was browsing and got a few pics, Love all these Bikes... Would be Kool to try & resemble a little bit from all of them, hahah....

WAY "OlD sKoOl" on this one, one of my FAVORITES !!! And I'm thinking about them 57mm Jemima Wheels to accomplish this look :D ... Was going to use them on a different build I was doing, but I don't think so now after seeing this picture :lol:

This is another one of my FAVORITES !!! Kool springer front end, lowered, KOOL LoOk ...

These are the "RIMS" that I'm going to use, they are the 57mm "JEMIMA" Coaster brake wheel set, 26 Inch. I love them !!! I think they Look So ***OlDsKoOl*** 8) ...

I Converted them into a Nexus 3 Speed wheel, I like GEARS !!!
I'll try & find some pictures of the "Bike" that they were going to go on until I started this Build :D .
I'll try & post some pics of that bike later on tonight.

Rim tore apart.


driver bob said:
Home town build !!!!(well close enough..)...

Greetings from South Detroit :wink:
Hey Thanks Machine Age Victim, I like them "STRETCHED out FRAMES", hahah....

And GREETINGS to you also "DRIVER BOB"... Glad to see some other Home town people on the
Site :D ... I'm on the outskirts of the "D" myself :lol:, if you come across any "Rides, Shows, ect" give me a shout, I would interested in Participating .... Can't wait to check out both of your guys builds !
The 57mm Jemima Wheels that I converted over to a Nexus 3 Speed were going to go on a recent build that I named "THE BOSS". I changed my mind & now they will go on my Traditional Build off Bike, The Roving Gangster :D

Here's a Picture of *** THE BOSS ***

Don't mind the Picture.... It was taken in the late 20's early 30's :lol:



Over 130 Airbrushed Bullet holes .... 9mm & 45 Cal

*** SCARFACE ***

Real Flames into OlDsKoOl Flames into a Mafia Lady, Skulls piercing through the FlAmEs ...

"COLT 45" under the Seat ... And I'm not talking Malt Liquor, hahah.
As Billy "D" Williams Says... It Works Every Time :D

Or as CAPONE would Say.... You can get much further with a kind word & a gun then you can with a kind word alone :shock:

*** THE BOSS ***

Going through some boxes & finding a few parts for my build ...

Not sure yet on tires ??? Whitewall, all black, 3.0, 2.125 ???

Probably use this crank, but I don't know yet if I'll use this sprocket, I got a few others I have to check out ???

Really thinking about using this tank :D

Probably use this fender or try and find the mate & chop it up !

I don't know if I'll use these horns, :lol: haha....
Forgot to add a shot of my Spray booth, hahah... Comes in handy for the smaller projects :D

As the "KID" would say.... I never said I wanted to be around for a long time, I said I wanted to be around for a "GOOD TIME".... And I tell ya one thing right now, I'm liken this "BIKE BUILD
OFF STUFF" :lol: Haha....

Ok the "Game Plan" is to try and resemble a little from each of these bikes, hahah... Here we go !

My Tires finally arrived & got them on my 'Rims" ... "Rims" so wide it's going to look like I'm rolln' on "White-Walls", hahah... Love them Rims !!!

NOW FOR MY FRAME ... Told you I had some time to work on my bike, "FINALLY" !!! :D

Went with the "SCHWINN Quality" Sting Ray badge just because I like the flames :lol: & I'll have some Schwinn parts on the bike. I like the Silver & Black Flame Combo.

Oh YEAH, hahah... Here we go now, I had to get my name on it.... Hahah :lol:

I know the "Kid" would like this added touch :D

Alright... Last one for now but as soon as the Progress moves forward & more of my parts arrive I'll be posting more pictures :D

Re: *** ROVING GANGSTER *** (Springer, Chop Fender, Sprocket )

A few shots of the progress :D
Took the mate to this fender & chopped it, took off approximately 12". It's going to be my rear fender for the bike.

Dremel the end & it fits nice and snug to the frame. Not using any fender brackets. Just to the frame. Primed & shot some black on it.

Finished airbrushed fender, hahah.... Can't reveal it all, had to disguise it a little :lol: Can't show ya until it's mounted :D


(Front end attached, along with Crank & a KuStOm Skull Sprocket)

(Love this SPROCKET, hahah.... Was a BMX sprocket, took out the insert & shaved out the "Crank-Hole", hahah What ??? U know what I mean, hahah :lol:

Black was beat-up on it, airbrushed the black on it, shines now.