Aug 25, 2017
So finally my first build off. I've always wanted to participate before but a complete lack of computer skills (I'm a dinosaur) has held me back. Foutunatly my good friend and consultant, Chris, is going to be assisting in the communications side of this journal. Ive always built my own cruiser bikes. A few years back I found an old shower head in my sister utility closet which I repurposed and made into a custom headlight. I then proceeded to build a bicycle around that headlight and then I started going in an entirely different direction. All of my previous personal builds have been compelted using either cast-off or extremely cheap "junk" bikes. I then customize by again repurposing any interesting scrap metal or old appliances that I find in the trash. Pretty much all I buy is hardware, cables, and lots of sand paper.

For my first official build im going to be starting with a saved off the scrap head 1955 Heidemann Fleetwing thats as old as me. Its not my ideal choice, its a little small, but its what I have. My shop is my bike and parts filled studio apartment. I'm starting out with no clear direction except long, low, and sharp pointy edges. I generally start this way and when its ready the bike starts to tell me where it wants to go.

So i'm really looking foward to this build. Good luck to everyone, there is a lot of talent in this group. I cant wait to see how it ends.

P.S. I may have to sneak some of my previous work into the background so keep your eyes peeled

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Nov 24, 2012
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Wow, I wasn't expecting those frame mods as I scrolled down the page! This should be fun to watch!

BTW, when you (or Chris) post your pics, select 'Full Image' next to the file after it loads so that it will show up bigger on the screen.:)


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Aug 31, 2009
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I really like how that frame mod worked out.
Like TRM said, use the "FULL IMAGE" option when posting up your pics, otherwise people just see small thumbnails.
Welcome aboard and Have Fun!!