RRBBO - The Reynoso

After seen many great bikes from other builders, I thought I should also try to build one myself.

Here's what I found:

Rust, multiple layers of paint, mud and a comfortable seat. What else can you need from a bike! :D

This kind of beach cruisers became popular here in Argentina since the 90s, and this bike in particular was made by a company called "Reynoso Hnos." (that would be something like Reynoso Bros.). I don't know anything about this company but after a fast Google search I found out they broke some years ago...

Anyway, I haven't decided what to do with this bike yet. I've been seeing many, many pics of build offs, customs and off the shelf bikes for inspiration. Meanwhile, I wanted to show you at least the original bike.

Sorry about my english, I hope you understand me.
Cheers, Coronado
Feb 20, 2007

i think i would use some of that "anodized look" paint fer flames n' clear coat the rest with of the frame! that looks burly!
That's right, I used a grinder with a whire wheel. I also liked the result, the metal shine is amazing! It really surprised me.

Here's a problem: How do I keep it this way? Just with a clear coat? Will that stop rust?


Dec 4, 2006
shiny metal looks good. Clear coat or Oil it like Locojoe said. Or I have always wanted to gun blu a frame.
Coronado said:
I was going to paint it grey or aluminium but you are right, I'll just use some clear coat.
clean..clean..clean..and then
Clean it again( with an Aromatic Solvent..like Laquer Thinner ) before you Clear coat it!

I think it's going to look GREAT in Ratty old wire wheeled Metal.


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