Schwinn Jaguar Mark IV - Finished

Nov 4, 2012
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I picked this bike up about 3 months ago, but up until a few weeks ago I've been in the travel season of work so I haven't had much time to work on it. Got the bike for a pretty good deal on craigslist, $200. The thing that attracted me the most is that it's all original minus missing the front rack, still has the original brick tires. I plan to keep it original, just put new paint, decals, and clean up the chrome. Without further adieu. . .

When I brought her home:

Tore it down this past weekend (6/29) chrome parts ready to remove the rust

Not sure how many of you have used this, but it works amazing. Simply make a bath and let soak for about 16-24 hours depending on rust and the rest is history.

In the bath

After 3 hours you can see a little bit of paint color in the water but lots of rust gone.

After, took it out and used a white Scotchbrite pad and some fresh water to rinse off the residue. The wood bleach won't remove any pitting but it will take away all the rust and save you some time and effort.

Stay tuned for updates
Oct 20, 2012
Chicopee , Ma
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Re: Schwinn Jaguar Mark IV - Phase 1 (6/30/13)

Nice starting point !

That oxalic acid is awesome stuff. I tried it on a bike that looked like is was on the Titanic with amazing results.

Keep up the good work
Nov 4, 2012
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Finished her up, you can see the process below. I'm calling this bike Bedilia, in memory of my sister that recently passed away, her name was Amy and I called her Amelia Bedilia. This bike gave me all sorts of trouble, which was just like my sister.

Taped off ready for primer

Frame sanded and ready to get primer as well.

Had a buddy who is a body specialist bang out a couple dents so ended up sanding down the chrome fenders and polishing them up with my random orbital. You know you have a keeper when she will help you wetsand fenders, that's my lady in the reflection

All painted up

Waterslide decals applied

Seat cleaned up and a fresh coat of paint

Frame painted, and what is this contraption. . .bike oven. Heated with a ceramic element that helps cure the clear coat (not my bike a buddy's Luxury Liner but you get the idea).

Bake at 170 for about 15 min and you have cured clear coat that is smooth

Headlight is from my sisters bike

Old grips match the tires pretty well

Color combo looks good

Starting to assemble

First time standing on it's own in about 5 months

All done!

Overall I love the bike, it rides smooth and I think the cream tires pop against the green. At some point I'll probably ride it fenderless and chain guardless for that rat look, but right now I'll ride it how it sits.
Sep 29, 2008
Findlay, IL
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Nice job, but you can't sand and polish chrome fenders! If those are the original Jaguar fenders, they're stainless steel and will last forever. Gary