Schwinn Spitfire 5 speed and bike wrenches

Jan 26, 2007
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I've had these for a liitle while, but haven't posted them. I recently picked up a Schwinn Cruiser 5 that came with the chrome BMX tubular fork. I really wanted a blade fork, but wanted the 5 speed version with the brake mount. I went to a bike swap meet about a month ago, and someone had the fork for $50! Kept looking around, and spotted this. Missing the original wheels, and it's got a cheapy hand brake, but it had the fork I needed. The guy was asking $80, and I got it for $60. So, now that I have this, I'm thinking about swapping the tubular fork from my other 5 speed, and putting all the blue anno parts from my S&S on this one until I decide what to do with that. The wrenches, I think most of which are bike wrenches, all came from a yard sale for $2.