Schwinn Trike axle removal?

Jan 26, 2007
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I have what is supposedly an early Town and Country trike rear end. It is a 2 piece deal, single wheel drive (left). I wasn't sure when I bought it but I do see Campus Green paint under the black spray paint. Has anyone taken one apart? I want to grease the bearings and slide the sprocket over to get the chain aligned. It looks like a set screw and roll pin need to be removed. Any help would be great. I'm adapting this to my wife's Spaceliner.
Aug 25, 2012
Montréal Canada (Québec)
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last time i did this , i had to use a 1/8" steal rod , bend it a little to go reach the key in the groove and hammer on that rod to remove the key , it was a pain in the "BEEP"
..a picture would help to understand the problem :wink:
Sep 3, 2013
New Jersey
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im currently building one for those mine is a 75' single gear and i went to rebuild the diff and realized that if i was to take it apart that chances were the bearings would blow on me and i would have no chance at re building them so i opted to leave them alone there were no serious problems with mine . i would say if yours doesnt have any major issues just leave it.