Scooter Given A New Life

I often visit junk yards to pick up bikes to rescue and restore...while doing this I found buried under a car body this cute kid scooter frame with no wheels and the forks rusted solid with bent bars, I also picked up a few BMX restores. Having kids at home, why not save this scooter? Anyhow this scooter came with 7 inch wheels looking at the fork size. So first things first I went with 12 inch shoes. So this meant stretch the frame a total of 10 inches to take on the bigger wheels. Because it was made for smaller kids I also raise the height of the scooter by 4 inches. Below are photos of the process, I'm not done with it yet, but I went Jack Skellington.

Be back with more photos....
LukeTheJoker said:
Nice! Looks like a great little scoot!
Is it more work to ride now with the deck higher off the ground? I imagine it requires more of a step action than a standard one?

Its only two inches higher so I'm not sure it's harder to ride as my girl says it's perfect :) When I was giving it a new life I actually thought about that, so I curved the back wheel supports up a tad to keep it low as I could.