Show off your bikes with tanks

Apr 25, 2007
Clearwater FL
Monark Thunderbird

Western Flyer Sonic Flyer

Sears Flyer

Tankers -R- Us

The Twins

Dad's Ride

Columbia Thunderbolt

Monark El Camino

Sep 29, 2008
Findlay, IL
Here are a few of my bikes. I did these about 15 yrs ago and just got them down off the hooks recently and cleaned them up. The bike in primer is my latest attempt to return to my glory days. 8) I have several more with tanks that are hanging in the basement that need cleaned up. B607

'41 DX96XE-1

'39 B model

'53 Phantom

'47 Monark

'53 BA-103

'54 Starlet
Jul 12, 2008
Sacramento, CA
Hey !
I feel like i'm getting left behind.

All this good stuff & I don't have a bicycle with a tank ... YET... !

Oh Santa , I want a ............ and a ......., and , and and

It's the old Real Or Not thing ........

Upon further review, Tanks are like Teets . After having this conversation with a circle of experts over our favorite beverage or two , the common conclusion among experts was ...... " If ya can see them & touch them , there real ".

Based on that science alone, Mr. Sensors Tank appeared outwardly to have come on the bike as deliverd orignal.
It was NOT untill I was told he had made it , did I know any differntly. It appeard orignal rite down to the weather checked paint on it .

This is what makes Sensors tank REAL.
Hand crafted re production , made of metal , made in america, one off & Ya Can't tell = I'ts real ya no :D :D

Don't let his tallent fool ya . Sensor is an Artist.... admit it LOL !

I would have never known , unless told.

Oh yea, we were talking tanks .... Wish I had one.

Hope everyone is having a great day OK.

Stephen / Wingman

Wingman Leader Back To Base 4 Breakfast .... OUT
I was kinda bummed when I got to thinking about this as I found that I only have three tank bikes but only two have the tanks at the moment. The first is my wife's '65 Schwinn Hollywood that is one of this years winter projects, the other is my Skyrider that I "restyled" a couple of years ago. It is the bike that I have the most time into,the least ridden, and is not comfortable at all to ride.It's pictured with my wife's '72 Collegiate which is the bike that got me back into this hobby a few years ago.
Then theres the Spaceliner that is missing its tank and probably always will be due to the price that is asked for them.


Dec 4, 2006
Great idea for a thread. I sadly don' t have alot of tank bikes.

My wife's 1950 Hollywood w/Nexus 3spd

Sold this one about 2 weeks ago

Working on this one. Tank not originally on this bike.
Jul 24, 2008
Eugene, Oregon

Here's my meteor flight I picked up and cleaned up for my mother-in-law. She's getting it for Christmas. But she doesn't know it yet. :mrgreen: She's got a Murray Missile that's about the same vintage, but I showed her this and she was all gaga over it, and I didn't have any plans for it(one of those things I picked up cuz it was too good a deal not to...), so she's gettin' it. It's got a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub, which I haven't seen on other ones like this, but it's pretty cool...
Jun 12, 2008
Central Massachusetts
Nice bikes! Tankers are my favorites.

This is my old JCH jet flo. Restored, had Taiwan made whitewalls, everything else was correct, I believe. I searched for one of these for a year or two. I was very impressed with it, didn't have an appropriate storage space and had to sell it. I sold it several months ago.
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