Jul 7, 2010
Goleta, California
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Latest from me is a prewar Huffman Ludwig in original brownish paint. Got the frame, fork, & rear 3 speed wheel from another member last year & built it back up about the same as he had it using my spare parts. Put some PC'd Tick bars on (gotta like those braised on nickels on the ends), Odyssey stem, Heavy Duty front wheel, Holy Roller tires, Chad's layback post with a Brooks saddle, BMX pedals & chainring.
Those Mr Ticks are huge. Great looking bike Lewie
Mar 25, 2012
Milford, Michigan
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I wish I had fabrication and design skills like many of the members here. I don't. But I can buy and bolt parts as good as the next guy! Here's some shots of the circa 1946 Packard Klunker I completed this weekend.

The cheap dept. store MTB rims were found curbside on trash day, shod with barely used, mismatched knobbies. They inspired me to take the complete '46 Packard I had planned to restore and do a Klunker build instead. Suspension fork is off my old MTB. Not sure about it, yet. I think it looks cool on the bike, but even with travel turned down, the long crown to axle length radically alters the rake and trail and slow speed handling of the bike. Handlebars came from ebay, off an old Honda 125 scrambler. The rest of the build is old school MTB & BMX stuff off ebay - Suntour deraileurs and NOS thumbshifters, Brooks saddle, GT piston stem, etc, etc.

Here's my cobbled rear rim brake setup. Thanks to the members who responded with this suggestion when I posted inquiries this past winter. I found a cheap old Huffy MTB fork at a swap meet, sawed off the bridge with brake posts, then fit and bolted it to the seat stays. I fabricated J-bolts to grab the frame tubes, assembled with nylock nuts. I could have had it welded in place, but did not want to permanently alter the frame. The brakes work great, though there is a little flexing of the mount plate and frame tubes when the lever is sueezed. Should be OK. I'm not going down-hilling with this rig.

Here she is nose-to-nose with my other Klunk, a '40 Colson with Sturmey Archer front and rear drum brake hubs, 5 speed internally geared, laced to Sun Rhyno-Lites. You can really see the difference between the stance of the two bikes. Colson does not have enough BB height to ride safely off road.
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I've been using this as my regular trail rig since I put it together. Today there was a break in the rain and I NEEDED to go out, yesterday was too much sitting around for my tastes. So I get to the top of the range and I'm covered in mud and it's starts to rain pretty hard. The section of road to my car got most of the mud off the tires, but you can see it was a muddy ride for sure![/quote]
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