SIL's BDay Present: Que Sera Sera

May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
SIL's BDay Present: Que Sera Sera, Done and Delivered!

Hey Thanks a lot everybody for the likes and comments. Here is the build thread:

Okay so I got this bike in trade for two cheap 700x23 tires. It had been rescued out of a recycle bin. It was my first rat rod bike and my Wife and me loved it (even with the bent crank and fork).

So seven years later, we decided to spruce it up for my Wife's sister's (SIL) Birthday since she was driving to MN anyway. My wife had a lot of input (Thank You Honey!!) and helped with getting all the stickers straight (she has mad scrap booking skills;)).

Mid Sixties Western Flyer Galaxy Flyer twin top tube frame
New (to me) Schwinn crank assembly, pink cruiser pedals, and road bike fork
70's High-rise handlebars with 80's BMX grips (perfectly faded)
Fancy springer seat with solid aluminum seat post
White chain (stolen from my Wife's Eliminator, Sorry Honey)
70's aluminum kickstand (stolen from my bare metal Schwinn)
Kenda red wall tires and pink aluminum rims with white spokes
Japanese wrapping bell from my Wife (which inspired the paint job)
Kinda abstract tri-colored paint job (Muted Rose, White, Seaside)

So here it is all together:

My wife did a nice job with the stickers. You maybe can see more of how I used the Japanese "wrapping" bell for inspiration for the tricolor paint job. All the taping work was worth it:).

My wife had a great idea for the head badge to be flat black because it balances the black part of the seat. "60" stands for 1960, SIL birth date. Definitely a girly bike with the flower LOL. It's interesting to see the bell from this angle still looks matching pretty close to the frame.

I like the silvery letters and star stickers. The pink pedals actually matched the pink rims :eek::). I even put a kick stand on it LOL.

SIL was very surprised and happy, Yeah!!

SIL took it out for a ride for here to get a feel for it and she was comfortable with it right away:):):). She said it was smooth and easy to ride, Perfect!!

So another happy rider and another build off wrapped up. I'm a happy man!!

Thanks for all the encouragement and nice comments throughout the build.

It's been great build off!!! Lots of cool ideas and great bikes.:):):)
Thanks for looking,
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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Well done! Your creative design scheme from the unique paint design to all the matching pinks, reds, and seaside green....and it looks like it fits her perfectly from the riding picture! Great theme and motivation for this build...
May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Wow, Thanks Everybody!! I sure appreciate the props :):).
It was a little tough to fit it in with school but is was so worth seeing my SisterInLaw's face (SIL) when she got it.

Perfect! The best builds ( for me) are the ones built for someone else.
Couldn't agree more Pick!!

Well, SIL and the bike are in Oregon now and she has been riding it with J. Remember her Grandson from a couple of years ago? I guess J rides his bike to school all the time and now he's riding with Grandma too!! :happy::happy: SIL said they were out riding and J got a "Cool Bike" prop :) (He's grown quite a bit since this picture in 2013!)

I let SIL's son, Mr B, ride the Royce Union when he was here and sent that home with them too. In this shot, he was letting his dry humor show through, must run in the family like grandpa FIL.:bigsmile:

Hey if anybody knows any bike shows (near Portland) they could go to, please post them. I remember my Wife and me went to a spring show near Portland but that's the only one I know. I think it would be cool to have Grandma, Son, and Grandson showing off their bikes together.

One more shot while it was still in MN. Didn't really have time to get any glamour shots. SIL promises she'll take some in Oregon though and I'll post them.

It was another great build off and already thinking about next year a bit (ha, ha). What a great bunch of bikes this year! There is some seriously talented people here. A Big Thanks to Steve (Rat Rod) for having such a cool site for all of us to have so much fun!!!

Thanks for Looking