Jul 16, 2009
Derby, Kansas
sensor said:
PLEASE dont tell me you cut one up :cry:
if thats the case send it too me!!!! it may take me 10 years to finish it but i will!!!
good start
No we had one sitting on the shelf for that someday project, I had a bunch of tubing that matches the right shape of the simplex, the only bikes that have got cut up so far have been a huffy santa fe frame and a murray mtb that I had laying around.


Rollin' on 20's
Jul 22, 2007
New London, CT
Oh man I am liking this build... A LOT!

OF course it might have something to do with me building a motorcycle themed lil rat bike a couple Buildoffs ago...

The light bulbs are coming on.... the smell of burnt metal in the air... this is gonna be a good one!

Jul 16, 2009
Derby, Kansas
theVULTURE said:
great start! that thing looks dead on so far.

is your user name CRF or CRF___X ?
i race a RMZ450, but don't hold that against me :wink:
Its actually Trx, I like Suzuki's, Yamaha's, Honda's, and pretty much anything else that goes fast