SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trade RARE 1935 Steelcraft Chevrolet Chief pedalcar for prewar boys bike etc

Oct 4, 2011
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Im putting this rare prewar pedalcar up for sale or trade.It is now complete with a reproduction headlight bezel(Original lens is just plastic). The reproduction bezel will need some trimming and work to look identical to the original in my opinion. It does have the original headlight battery tray. It is missing 1 hubcap ,and 2 of the artillery wheels have rusty edges.Possibly sitting in some dirt? Otherwise virtually rust free.Body has a few small dings,but this is some seriously thick steel! It is still original white paint on most of the inside

I honestly have been looking for 2 solid weeks and havent been able to find another for price comparison.The Evolution of the Pedal Car Vol. 3 has a price guide "price" of $3200 for an excellent original. So I value this at $1500 ..Im lookig to trade for/toward +/-$ for;
*Decent boys prewar bike +/- $$
* Vintage 1980s skateboards ;Zorlac ,Alva ,Vision ,Sims, Powell Peralta etc
*Pre 1970 Marvel (And maybe DC) comic books
You can message through the site or email me directly at Thank you