somebody else's fresh find

Sep 7, 2006
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harquahalas said:
Doesn't even look like a $5 bike :shock:
yea I have boughten some pretty cheap bikes before but I would have thought it was stolen at that price broke or not. it probably fell off a rack and with all the attention the guy will be giving it back to the rightful owner


Mar 9, 2007
Southern Illinois
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i just wonder how much bashing this guy is going to get if he sells it for a bunch of $, im sure therell be a line of people badmouthing him for being in the right place at the right time ... with $5 :mrgreen:
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I read that earlier.... I think its a load of huuie.... Anybody who had even the smallest clue would be able to tell that was an expensive bike... you wouldnt even have to know anything about bikes to know its an expensive bike.... I dont think it was stolen, who would steal a high buck bike and then ask 5$?
I'm calling a bluff here, any idiot would know it's an expensive bike. I mean come on DISK BRAKES ! That is a dead giveaway right there. I mean just in parts it's got to be worth at least $100 even to an idiot. Regardless of what Landis did it is still a piece of history with a controversial background so E-bay would eat it up.
Feb 10, 2008
Toronto, Canada
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The weight (or lack of) alone would have given somebody a clue that this was not your run-of-the-mill cheap $5 bike. It looks like full XTR with Mavic Crossmax and Fox RL forks. The bike probably weighs in around 24lbs.

Maybe the guy has some swampland in Florida for sale cheap too.

I would be happy to get the tires for $5 a pop :)
Aug 2, 2008
Vancouver B.C. Canada
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I am not sure this is a hoax , there are a lot of people out there that have no interest in bicycles, know absolutely nothing about them, and could not tell the diference between low or high end bike . I was at a police auction last year and people were paying up to $300 for a $100 dept store bike in dismal condition .