Oct 5, 2010
I'm headed out of town tomorrow for a couple of days of teaching floodplain management techniques. I think the speedster is done and I think I have the pictures for the finished thread, but I'm going to think about it for another day or two and see if there is a detail I missed.

This has been great fun and I am inspired by the folks who still do real stuff out there around the world. The bikes I've seen run the full gamut of art and engineering and imagination all the way from the wacky to the sublime.
Feb 24, 2015
Awesome Build!!! Can anyone give tutorial/explain how to bend rear triangle on a schwinn speedster frame (or other steel frame) to accommodate balloon tires without cutting? I can see the bends in the tubes, but how does one accomplish this on both sides evenly? Rubber mallet? Wood blocks? Metal gauges? Thanks!! --travismcgeefan@gmail.com