Feb 4, 2011
I present Springliner, this bike started off as a 1959 Flightliner that I acquired in Roswell, New Mexico. Shortly after receiving this bike I stumbled onto this website and decided I would wait for the build off to work on this project. Along the way I have received ideas, parts, and inspiration from several members. I thought for a while and decided I wanted to go with a more custom look than I had originally planned, so I came up with the seat and suspension idea. The springs used are from my old trampoline!!! It was painted sun yellow after applying other colors for a perfect patina look, I was going for a barn-find kinda look. I threw it all together and after hours of detail work and getting angles right, I rode it. It rides just like I imagined, smooth. It is really fast due to the over-sized sprocket.

Thanks to my wife: For lettin me keep this crap in the house and the pictures.
Huge thanks to my dad for the help on the build and ideas.
Thanks to the Forum members for ideas, information, and inspiration.
Thanks to The Bike Dude (my local bike shop)
Thanks to outskirtscustoms for the Hub.
Thanks to Metal Militia for the Sprocket.
Thanks to bogmonster for the Bars.
Thanks to Bri-in-RI for the Tank.

link to build: http://www.ratrodbikes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=39674

Pictures Structured as follows: Full bike shots then detail pictures.

Full bike Shots

Detail Shots

That is sooo cool!
Totaly original man. I love the seat. The rake is spot on, and the finish looks very realistic. I think I don't like the handlebars, or it's just something I have to get used to. But overal, you've build one very cool and unique bike.
Well done.
May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Hey Inshane64,

If you haven't already, please post your RRB6 bike over here:
"Show us your Spaceliners"

Pick and me are already there.
The Liner Crew on RRB6 just put some really cool bikes back on the road 8)
Time to show them off!

I think this bike would be so ridable.
Something I'd do for sure
Got some sunny pics?

Hope to see you there
Go Spaceliners!
Feb 7, 2012
WOW...Great Lookin' Bike....I'll bet that chainwheel is a killer on steep climbs.....!!!... 8)
Feb 4, 2011
Thanks guys! I love this bike, It has seen quite a few miles. I had to add a piece of metal reinforcement under the seat because it started to bend a little, but I also started losing some weight so maybe that will help too!!!
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