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I think I've finished the toe scraper. (For now)
Wiggle UK had Chris King Headsets at 45% off and that was the last piece I 'needed'.
What this is about is an old guy building the type of bike he would have liked in his youth but had neither the coin nor the wherewithal to do it forty-something years ago.
Everything has been upgraded from the top shelf - just for the pleasure and nostalgia of it.

Over the last few years I've added:
Profile Elite cranks, spider, chainwheel and freewheel.
Bullseye 40th Anniversary Titanium and ceramic hubs laced with 14g double butted SS spokes.
Bullseye Billet pedals.
Shadow conspiracy half-link and SE Tensioners.
Paul rear brake and Diacompe front with Litepro levers, Koolstop pads, braided cables with Teflon coated inners.
Brooks C17 saddle and slimline leather grips.
Cult 10" Bars and custom lay-back post.
Race plate, Chrome headstock badge and heaps of other graphics and detail stuff.

I like the SE stock stem with the cast 40th anniversary logo so it will stay.

I also swap between the stock gumwall tyres and the slicks depending on the season.

But otherwise all I have left to do now is ride it!
And post pictures online :)

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