Sep 11, 2007
As some of you veterans may recall. . .
Every solar system that the Salvage Ships* visited presented difficulties unique to its place in time. Some regions were more hazardous than others. The areas known as France, Mercury, and Venus were particularly troublesome and responsible for many missions failures. The primary cause of all mishaps and lost ships can be directly linked to the inability of the Meat-motors to control their appetites. The Pilots generally tried to avoid most of these difficulties by keeping stores of consumable treats favored by the motors aboard the ships. There were however, much greater catastrophic consequences to be encountered by devious entities who inhabited the she-ports and offered pleasures which could not be indulged aboard ship. These entities knew the precise weaknesses of the Meat-motors and would go to great lengths to attract them to their destruction. Being painfully aware of these pitfalls, the Pilots contrived practices to neutralize, or at least reduce these incidents. . .
Since the Pilots acted as individual agents for "The Source" and their individual ranking was determined by the number of successfully completed missions, and since success relied heavily on keeping the Meat motors focused and undistracted by the evil entities, the pilots pooled their collective experience to contrive and implement a defensive plan.
As all of the Meat-motors could not, and many would not, be sent on missions. The pilots believed that some of them could be re-purposed to assist in assuring a better success rate for the missions.
There was a small group of these subjects who didn't seem to have any particular use to either the tribes from which they came, or "The Source".
The Pilots observed over time that the Evil Entities found these subjects especially attractive and would go to any lengths to see them. The Subjects were particularly skilled at generating mating calls and other peculiar sounds which would attract nearly all of the Entities whenever and wherever they appeared.
Once the pilots had received their flight plans, they would arrange, for small enticements of goods and materials that the Subjects seemed to enjoy, a series of appearances by the subjects which were promoted as "Tours".
These "Tours" would be timed so as to occur in each section that the SS396 vessels were scheduled to meet with local distributors (ZB140 Tridents).
The "Tours" would enthrall the Entities long enough to allow the transfer of cargo from the ZB140s to the larger SS396 equipment.
Throughout most of this period this tactic was highly successful for relieving the distractions to the Meat-motors who possessed absolutely no self control and insatiable appetites for anything that was bad for them and the missions.
The plan was so successful that it is still being practiced although the original circumstances for its creation have long since been discontinued.
Nov 18, 2007
This build off was MADE for you! :lol: .................Some of these new guys have no idea what they're in for. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Jul 24, 2008
Eugene, Oregon
Nice. I've only had the privilege of reading the exploits of your last vessel(in the rrbbo3) and found it amazing. Can't wait to see what's gonna happen here. :mrgreen:
Sep 11, 2007
Most of the useless items that local farmers may have added were removed. Many young locals were attracted to the ZB140 TRIDENT DILIGENCE trade as they thought it to be glamorous and lucrative. Most were not aware of, nor had they been trained to endure the hardships and dangers associated with this life and most of them soon abandoned the attempt. Death or dismemberment were the predictable results with little or no opportunity to achieve the level of success that they thought would be so easy to achieve.

Sep 11, 2007
As far as anyone, except Darwin, can remember, a series of global disasters leading up to the final blow to the species came in the form of a cataclysmic collision with an enormous asteroid that had veered away from France and was assumed to be the explanation for the sudden and dramatic climate change and subsequent demise of the species.

A recent release of findings resulting from an extensive examination of the newly translated AC/DC diaries has sent shock waves through the scientific committee.

Those findings lend undeniable proof to support beliefs held by Franco-American militant groups that the asteroid actually never did make it to Earth.

France had inside information very early that the asteroid was actually made up almost entirely of Faberge Eggs that Tina Turner had thrown away after her break-up with Ike.

Under the pretense of "Just being French" they devised and successfully executed a plan to capture the huge egg cluster at its closest point to their homes, thereby turning it into another moon and averting the much anticipated disaster on Earth.

Unfortunately the damage on Earth had already been done. The inhabitants, having been aware for almost a century of the impending and unavoidable disaster, threw all caution and social values to the winds. They stopped paying excise taxes, ordered sushi and didn't pay, and other unspeakable and uncool things. Quality of life fell to horrors not seen since before Jimi Hendrix.

The meat-motors, sickened by the mayhem and chaos, quietly collected and stockpiled all the Cuban cigars and "Kilted Coffee Roasters" coffee they could.

When they had acquired enough to fill all of their ships they, along with their favorite Pilots, led by their Spiritual Leader, "The Dispatcher of The Almighty Indifferent", escaped Earth before it was too late.

This brings us back to our current story.