Super Tanker Photos

everything you Touch turns to Gold.

Step away from the Camera, and Photoshop 8
Kenny or someone's gonna get hurt! :lol: :lol: :lol:

those are absolutly beautiful Images.
I like the Sepia Tone one the Best...It's Magazine Material
for sure.

Stop it, yer makin' me blush. :oops:
Thanks though guys, I appreciate the nice comments.
There sure are some neat photos being posted up here, Steve has his work cut out for him!
And there is still 31 days left. LOL
It sure is fun checkin' in and seeing all the new pics, man I love this place!
Ahhh, Young Grasshopper.........
Is it not more honorable to be more cool, than comfortable?
So much is comfort that thee shall go unnoticed, thee uncomfortable shall catch the eye and will receive just rewards.

I think that's an ancient Chinese proverb. :lol:

I like your honesty Ricky. I tell ya, it aint real comfy to ride, although it is rideable.
It is fun to watch people look at it and say no one can ride that thing. Then I hop on it and blast around the parking lot and they are amazed.
It was kind of a test to see how rideablly (is that a word?) low I could make one.....and I think I can go lower. How dumb is that going to be?!!!
Personally I think those Bars are Brilliant.
The use of those Hospital Bed Clamps was not only
a great way to recycle,
it allowed you to Drop The Bars below The Top Tripple Tree,
which is something I have never seen before,
and it makes it look so Cool.

This Bike, with Those bars and it's height,looks
like a Salt Flat Racer.And at 200 MPH on The Salt Flats
comfort is not an issue.

Having your head down low so you don't BLOW
right off the back of The Bike IS THE ISSUE!!!!

I Love The Theme.....and The me.....set The Theme.
Still one of My favourites,

Hey Kev....You read my mind. Thats what I was looking for also, the Bonneville look. Worlds fastest Indian theme.
The tanker screams to have a motor in it and pegs on the back.
A friend of mine is rebuilding a little Puch engine and says I can try it out when he's done. Hmmmmmm?
Just might have to try it. :)
Jun 24, 2007
That is one low and sweet ride! I was gonna try making some bars like that for one of my projects, was looking for old motorcycle clip-ons, that is a great use of old parts!!!


Kenny,I've been holding back for awhile,but I gotta tell ya now

THAT is about the coolest bike I've ever seen!
Like I said before, stop it! Yer makin' me blush. :oops:
Thanks MagicRat.
I was thinking of taking her all apart and making her all nice and shiny and cleaning up the welds and such. Maybe a real paint job? Whatta ya think? Or should I leave it rough and raw looking??
I had no idea that this bike would go over so good. Thanks for all the compliments guys.

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