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Jul 2, 2015
Mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon
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There was a bunch of stuff I should of bought towards projects I already have...but, I ran across a guy that had four frames that I really wanted instead :nod: (he straightens and repairs frames).

Murray built Elgin...a '41 I believe...no repairs on this frame. Probably not an Elgin as it doesn't have zerks on the bottom bracket, which is fine as I plan on badging it as a Mercury, anyway.

He has it marked as '60-'64...I haven't looked at the SN, but...sounds about right. There are a couple repairs, not done by the guy I got it from...they will need some smoothing out but look stout. The fork that is on it came with it. It is a homemade jobber...and the more I look at it, the more I'm thinking its not even usable as a fork...very thin wall tubing, lots of undercut on one of the dropout welds. But...there was another seller that had a NOS (supposedly) cycle truck fork...which I snagged!

Colson looptail, one repair (intermediate bar to downtube), and some brass filler work...he said built August of '40, I don't know if you can date Colson's that precisely...

Last...and least :grin:... my Wife picked up this tricycle from him for her garden :nod:...

I spent probably 30mins negotiating for these frames...partially because there was one I didn't get (ran out of $$$), and I couldn't decide what combo I wanted. The other frame was a Mead Ranger (badge was gone, but mounting holes and badge outline indicate it was) '33 B10E frame. It had most of its paint...he had straightened it and brazed in some of the minor pitting. Very cool frame (first balloon tire bike!), but...I finally found a nearly thumb sized dent on the downtube that he was shocked to find he had missed. That was enough for me to drop it and go for the other three.

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