Sweet Fancy Moses (Some bike work and another sidetrack!!!)

Feb 4, 2011
Hello ratrodders, can you believe it's been a whole year?!? This year I start with a dilemma, I have to possible ideas to base my build-off on:

Option 1 is a 1961 Schwinn Tiger that I have planned to use for the build off ever since finishing my bike last year.

Option 2 is to base my build on these awesome parts that I lucked into, but that would require obtaining a frame.

Option 3 is to combine the first two options and fit the skirts, chain guard, fender, rack, and springer to the Schwinn. Doing so would require altering at the very least the chain guard in a way not easily reversible.

I am really stuck on what to do!!!!
Apr 29, 2009
Phoenix, Az
Re: The Undecided

I vote for option #3.....
Not a bad " Dilemma " to have... that's a nice frame and I'd LOVE to have those parts....
As far as altering the chainguard in a way not easily reversible .?.?.? It ain't called a RatRod for nothing....
Feb 4, 2011
Re: Sweet Fancy Moses

I think I have decieded on a name, Sweet Fancy Moses. It's one of my favorite lines from Seinfeld.

I am going to attempt option 3.

I obtained some nice Felt tires when they went on crazy sale!

But they don't fit, even without fenders!!!

Not fun at all!!!

Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
Re: Sweet Fancy Moses

Concur! Since you are going to do some butchering, I would take a section of 2 x 4 and hammer it in there to gently spread the dropouts and frame. I would start at the rear and hammer it up to the spot where you need the clearance. Then I would push the dropout ends back together with the wood still in there to get the alignment for the hub right. The bridge for the fender might bend just right as it spread apart and it might look natural.
Feb 4, 2011
Re: Sweet Fancy Moses

Scary stuff time!!!!!

Cut off tool

My favorite tool Millermatic 350P

I LOVE the pulse mode on this welder, defiantly worth the extra cash.

Also the double drive is awesome!
Feb 4, 2011
Re: Sweet Fancy Moses

Time to make room for my tires!!!

To make the tires fit I need to cut off the kickstand.

The rear fender mount also hasta go.

Spreading will be made easy thanks to NAPA's Spring Lift Kit

Here it is in action:

Now to cut the kickstand on one side to allow movement

I used a bar clamp to make sure the movement does not just occur where the tube was weakened from the cut.

After spreading I put a block of wood to keep it where I wanted it while I welded.

Block of wood and metal dolly in place to keep the shape I want the frame to stay in while I pull the dropouts to their proper width.

Again pulling the dropouts together.

Tomorrow I will see how Fancy Moses is gonna look on the ground and hopefully take a spin around the block!!
Feb 4, 2011
Re: Sweet Fancy Moses

Wheel-set meets Frame!!!!

Took it out for a cruise today!!!

Back tire is lookin' fine.

Front tire not so much.

Altho the tire is perfectly centered 'tween the forks when riding bumps and turns make metal and rubber meet. You can see the rubber dust in these two pics.

You can't tell but they have ample clearence when parked, but during a ride I can notice rub. The wheels are true. I have no experience with these forks is this normal? Does the design not allow you to keep a wheel-set in place?

I did put some washers on the fork to give me the clearance I thought I needed.